What is Pastured Meat

Pastured meat, in it's simplest terms, refers to the way domesticated animals have been farmed for thousands of years. It has only been the last 100 or so years that big, automated farming has become the source for much of our daily proteins. Before that, the animals we consume were allowed to live and graze much closer to the way God intended. At Keegan Filion Farm, our cows are allowed to move about as their instincts tell them and graze on naturally grown grass. Pigs are allowed to root and wallow in the mud and eat the tastier parts of their mud bath. Chickens and turkeys are allowed to roam freely, pecking at the ground to eat bugs and other natural treats. All of this results in healthier, happier animals which translates to healtier and safer food for your family.

Pastured meat is, as you would expect, different from conventional store bought meat. It has a different texture, aroma and of course, flavor. It is naturally leaner but by no means devoid of fat. All healthy animals will have some fat and, fat from pastured animals that have not been exposed to pesticides, hormones and antibiotics is an important source of energy and nutrition for us all - in moderation, of course. Because of these differences, you may find that cooking and preparing pastured meat is slightly different than with conventional store bought meat. For that reason, we are including these short tips on how to cook pastured meat.

image of a cow looking forward