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How we farm

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Our animals are all free range, pasture fed. All of the animals have 24 hour access to pasture. Chickens are housed in chicken tractors and moved to new ground daily. Hogs are raised in pastures planted in special pasture mixes that provide them the most nutritional benefit. Steers are rotated through several pastures providing them the best grass in spring, summer and fall. During winter months they are fed Coastal Bermuda and Sorghum Sudan Grass hay.
Chickens, turkeys and hogs can't survive on grass alone. To help maintain the health of these animals they are provided 24 hour, free choice, suppllimental feed. These feeds are specially formulated and consist of  corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals. At no time are the animals provided anitbiotics or animal based proteins.

It is only right that the animals end their lives as humanely as they have lived it. All of the farm's animals are processed at a USDA inspected, Certified Humane processing facility.

As done by Annie's grandfather, we choose to sell our products direct to restaurants and to local families. Today the farm's products can be purchased at the Summerville Farmer's Market during the market season, at the Port Royal Farmer's Market year round, and directly at the Farm Store on Mondays and Fridays from 1 until 6.

Thank you for considering a locally produced, high quality product for your family - direct from our farm. 

Contact Annie or Marc with any of your comments or questions.